Serves 2

1 pork loin
Wood chips
2-3 sticks of celery
Half a red onion
1 green apple
100g toasted walnuts
80g sultanas
100 to 150ml mayo
Juice and zest of 1 lemon
20 to 30ml extra-virgin olive oil
1 punnet mixed micro herbs or your choice of herb

Take the pork loin and remove the sinew, then season with salt and pepper. Place the loin into a perforated tray. Put your wood chips into another tray and torch them until they begin to catch and smoke. Place the pork loin tray on top and cover with foil and allow to smoke for 10 to 15 minutes. Transfer into an oven at 160 degrees until the internal temperature reaches 58 degrees. This should take 5 to 8 minutes depending on the thickness of your loin. Remove from the tray and allow to cool, then refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
To make the salad, dice the celery, red onion and apple (skin on or off) and place into a mixing bowl. Add the walnuts and sultanas, mayo, lemon juice and zest and combine. Check for the seasoning and add salt and pepper to your preference. If the mix is loose and dry, add more mayo.
Take the smoked pork loin and slice into about 1 to 2 centimetre discs and place 5 to 9 pieces into a bowl, keeping a flat surface. Drizzle the pork with the olive oil and season with a pinch of salt. Take the salad and place a generous portion in the centre of the pork slices. Put the herbs on top of the salad and enjoy.

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