What does the word ‘cruising’ make you think of? Do you envisage a leisurely putt through the historic towns of Europe in a canal barge, or a skipper-yourself sailing adventure in the Whitsundays or the Mediterranean? Maybe it makes you think of a dhow on the Nile River or a shark-diving experience in South Africa? Whether you dream of a luxury experience on the Queen Victoria ocean liner or a cruise through the sub-Antarctic islands, you will find your dream cruise in this book. Catriona Rowntree has been named as Australia’s most travelled woman (a nice moniker!). She has become a household name after 23 years with Getaway, Australia’s longest-running travel show. This book is brilliantly laid out – there is just so much information. It is divided into destinations, with local and cultural information accompanied by beautiful photography, and then a list of the cruises available in that destination. There are also lots of details including up-to-date pricing. There are cruise options for any kind of person, group or family. Many people may not even consider the option of cruising when planning holidays, but this book will change that. Cruising is a great travel choice, where you can cover a lot of territory without unpacking your bag