FILMING IN SOME of the world’s most exotic locations may be all in a day’s work for leading surfwear photographer and videographer Chloe Hutchison, but this artist’s heart lies firmly planted in the sea and sand of the Sunshine Coast.

The ocean, in fact, has always beckoned her, and she reflects its images through her expert lens – particularly the images relating to those who ride the rolling surf.

So captivating is Chloe’s work it caught the eye of several global brands, including surfwear giant Roxy, whom Chloe now works with on multiple campaigns each year.

She is also the founder and head of video production company Havana Productions and the founder of Havana Haus – a photographic, podcast and production studio launched in July this year.

Her synchronicity with the sea is equalled only by her creative talent and passion for storytelling through film and photography – a passion that was ignited when she was a teenager working in a Kodak camera shop selling digital cameras and developing film.

“I was so intrigued by the process of film developing and being able to manually do that process, and the creativity behind it,” Chloe tells salt.

“And I loved the editing side of things – manually calibrating film and printing them for customers. Even though the images I was working with were [mostly] what families took of their kids, we would get the occasional photographer drop their film in and that was exciting.”

Eventually studying a Bachelor of Film in Brisbane, mother-of-two Chloe paired her love of the ocean with her creative passion, with spectacular results. While working as an intern with a global company, she honed her videography and editing skills while spending every spare minute of her time on her own business ‘on the side’ – Havana Productions, established about eight years ago.

The planets – and oceans – came to align, and soon Chloe’s business was too busy to be a side hustle. Her client base expanded to include some of the world’s most recognised brands.

“I love the ocean; I’ve always loved the ocean, and I’ve always loved surf photography, so I was gravitating towards the surf industry,” she tells salt. “But I didn’t want to box myself as a surf photographer or filmer, so I stepped into surf fashion.

“I would do a lot more lifestyle campaigns for brands, so I could be on the beach still, but shooting fashion, and then stepping more into the editorial world, which led me into the studio.”

Working in studios “all over the place” gave Chloe the idea for what would become Havana Haus, as she had always struggled to find a studio that offered everything she needed, and she saw a huge gap in the market.

It turns out she was right, with content creators, podcasters, and photographers from Queensland and interstate among the many creatives flocking to the new venue to make use of its multiple spaces.

Chloe is also the in-house photographer and videographer at Havana Haus, which means she is kept well and truly on her toes in the studio. Nothing, however, will keep her from the ocean, and she’s always on the lookout for the most beautiful beach she can find.

She has worked in the Maldives, Indonesia, and extensively in Noosa, Coolum and other parts of the Sunshine Coast.

“A lot of photographers will use the same places, so I like to go elsewhere,” she says. “If I’ve found a favourite place and then I find it’s being used, I like to move on pretty quickly.

“But we have the most gorgeous beaches here, so it’s easy.”