Well before the internet — and even TV — families and friends would crowd around a piano, follow the pianist’s lead, and sing together. Music was shared, laughs were had, happy hormones were released, and memories were made. It was shared entertainment at its best.

Classically-trained pianist and singer Lucy Ravenwood is determined to reignite people’s passion for a singalong and experience the enjoyment that comes with it.

The Buderim resident does this through her business, She Sings, a women’s singalong event held in various locations across the Sunshine Coast.

For those readers imagining Pub Choir, where the conductor teaches a large group one song in parts and they perform or record it at the end of the night, She Sings is a different concept.

“We sing around 20 to 25 songs at each event and we have the words up on screen,” Lucy says. “They’re popular songs, anyway, so a lot of people already know the words.”

At She Sings events, ladies need not fear the nerves of having to sing alone.

“I play the piano and lead the singing, and everyone sings along together. It’s not like karaoke,” she laughs. “By all singing together, there is safety in numbers.”

In fact, since commencing in 2022, She Sings’ attendee numbers have sat between 100 and 150 women per event, so the combined voices are loud and joyful.

“You can hardly hear yourself singing in the room,” Lucy tells salt.

And don’t worry if you’ve only ever been a “shower singer”, as there is no vocal talent required, just a desire to have a fun night. Lucy says the all-women events are classy and fun, with a unique feeling about them.

“There’s a different energy with all girls,” Lucy says. “It’s a great night out, a different night out. Attendees have a sing and dance with other women, make new friends and strengthen friendships they already have.”

Although it’s Lucy’s business, she refuses to take credit for the wonderful events.

“The people in the room make the magic happen and everyone gets swept up in it. Even for those [initially] saying ‘I’m not really sure about this’, that doesn’t last, as [the singing] truly creates a contagious atmosphere.”

“I’ve had really lovely conversations afterwards, and it’s really nice to be able to find common ground with women of different backgrounds and ages. It’s a great chance to catch up with your girlfriends or family members or to meet new people in a fun, relaxed and safe environment. I like to call it: ‘the girls’ night out you didn’t know you needed’.”

And the ladies love it so much, many book tickets for the next event.

“Our following has really gained momentum since 2022, and we do see quite a lot of repeat attendees, which is fantastic,” Lucy says.

And while Coast ladies are having fun, a local charity also benefits from the tickets purchased.

“We always partner with a local charity, so every time we sing together, we are doing good for others,” Lucy says.

Lily House, a Coast charity supporting young at-risk women and their children, has been a beneficiary of She Sings in the past, along with other charities — particularly those that assist women.

Lucy hoped to hold her first She Sings event some years back, but, as it did with many fresh business ideas, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed her start date. She initially came up with the concept in 2017 when visiting friends in the United Kingdom.

While in London, Lucy went to a singalong event, and the idea for She Sings was sown.

“I remember walking out of that event in London feeling like a million dollars, and thinking, ‘maybe I could do that’,” she reminisces.

And she wants attendees at her events to feel fantastic, too. “It’s really nice to have an impact and have ladies leave [one of my events] saying ‘that was so much fun!’, or, even days later, receiving feedback that someone has been ‘on a high’ since singing with us.”

Lucy often gets asked why her events are only for women, with many guys keen for a singalong, too.

“Well, my first event was on Mother’s Day weekend in 2022, and I thought, ‘let’s try it with girls first and perhaps open it to everybody later’. But I sold 110 tickets, and although I was initially nervous, everybody just showed up ready to have the best time.”

And “have the best time” they did! Women from 18-70 years of age came to that first event — friends, mothers, daughters and grandmothers. There was even a group of 10-12 work colleagues who had booked tickets together.

So, at this stage, Lucy is happy to keep She Sings events as is and help women enjoy the experience of group singing in a relaxed, fun environment.

Singing with a group is, indeed, an age-old form of entertainment, and, at She Sings events, Lucy is helping women have fun and “find their voices”.

Follow: facebook.com/shesingsau for further details and new event announcements.