Jewellery is about so much more than shine and bling for Sue Gaylard. Each piece is as multi-faceted as a diamond, containing a unique sentiment, statement and story that makes it one of a kind.

Every single treasure at Avenue J Jewellery, located along the Mooloolaba Esplanade, has been consciously hand-selected by Sue, where the seamless combination of modern and antique jewellery sets this boutique store apart from the rest.

Avenue J has become a must-see destination for lovers of fine jewellery, showcasing an extensive range of rare one-off pieces from the Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Deco eras sourced from all over the world, providing you with a journey that is a feast for the eyes and the heart.

You begin with eye-catching modern pieces featuring diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, morganite, opals, Tahitian and Australian South Sea Pearls and as you move through the displays, you reach the antique jewellery, which has been sourced from highly respected contacts scattered around the world. You then finish with the show-stopping designs, including handmade designer pieces.

“Whenever I see a piece, I look into its story and that’s when I decide whether it will fit into the energy we are cultivating in the shop. Jewellery is all about the sentiment and that is the case whether it is antique jewellery or modern pieces,” Sue says.

“I know instantly when I see something special because there is a reaction in my heart. I know it will provide many years of happiness for someone or become a treasured family heirloom for someone else.”

From a young age, Sue developed a firm belief that it is important to respect everything you have, from the shoes on your feet through to the furniture you use, and especially jewellery. “I was taught the power of history and how anything can have longevity if it is cared for and respected,” she says. “We had jewellery passed down from my nana to my mum and then to me and I truly treasure them.

“While there are so many antique pieces out there to discover, modern pieces are going to be the antiques of the future bringing joy to generations from now.”

Sue honed her knowledge and skills for sourcing and selecting unique and inspiring jewellery over 15 years working at Kellies, a former well-known and loved antique jewellery shop in the heritage-listed Brisbane Arcade.

Moving to the Sunshine Coast “for love and lifestyle,” Sue opened Avenue J Boutique on Mooloolaba Esplanade, a fashion store with only one cabinet of unique jewellery. It didn’t take long for her passion to shine through once more.

“One cabinet became two and then three, and when the space we are in now became available, I decided to return to what I love the most and that is seeking out stunning jewellery that people can wear to highlight their personality,” she says.

The vast collection at Avenue J has been cultivated over eight years and features a number of one-of-a-kind works of art. One of the pieces waiting to steal someone’s heart is the Art Nouveau Plique-a-jour nymph pendant from the early 1900s, which Sue describes as “one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my whole career”.

“She should be in a museum in London because she is museum quality. The workmanship epitomises the feminism and romanticism of that era and the level of craftsmanship is such that it would have taken anywhere from one to two years to make,” Sue explains.

“The nymph gives the impression of being free and flighty, which I love. It is beautiful and mysterious. I know it will be the perfect piece for the right collector.”

The piece was offered to Sue by a contact in London she has been working with for 25 years. With similar connections throughout the rest of the world, Avenue J has become the place to go when you are looking for exclusive, elusive or even bespoke pieces.

“I love nothing more than being on a mission to find something someone has their heart set on. When we get requests, I am pretty determined and I get a kick out of finding the perfect piece,” Sue says.

“We offer such a variety that we can match a piece to anyone’s tastes from those who know specifically what they want to those who are waiting to be inspired when they see something they love on display. If you don’t find exactly what you need, we can also create bespoke handmade jewellery crafted to meet any specifications.”