This fairytale started off like something from a movie. In a small town, boy meets girl, boy and girl develop a friendship, and boy and girl fall head over heels. The rest is history.

Well, for Ben and Sharna Coan that is almost exactly how their love story played out.

Growing up in Bundaberg, they both knew of each other, but it wasn’t until Sharna’s sister began dating Ben’s best mate some six years ago that their worlds intertwined.

Soon, Ben and Sharna were hanging out in the same group, going to the same parties and spending a considerable amount of time together.

“It didn’t take long,” Sharna tells salt on how their relationship blossomed.

“We hung out for a couple of weeks and then pretty much spent every day together after that.

“We went to the same gym so we would see each other there also.

“I moved in with him pretty early on and we’ve been together six years now.”

Despite sharing a love for the outdoors and hiking, the proposal came as somewhat of a surprise to Sharna when atop Mount Walsh in the Bundaberg region.

“We were going to go on a camping trip a few weeks before and camp at the base of this mountain and climb it, but it was raining, so we cancelled it,” Sharna says.

“Apparently, Ben had this plan to do it then, but then we ended up going one random day with my sister and his sister.

“We were at the top and he started acting a bit strange, and then he got down on one knee.”

While the timing of the proposal came as a surprise, Sharna says six months prior to their engagement, the couple visited DM Jewellers at Maroochydore to design the ring.

“I had a design in mind, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, so we decided to design it. Then I left it up to Ben.”

For their wedding, the couple wanted a “wholesome” day that reflected them as a fun, outgoing couple.

They wed at Maleny Manor in front of 80 of their nearest and dearest.

The ceremony was held on the helipad, with photos taken around the grounds of the manor. The reception was held in the main house.

“It was honestly the best day of our lives,” Sharna says.

“I think it reflected us — we’re outgoing when we’re comfortable, we’re a bit fun and bit wholesome and the day was just us.”

She says most of their inspiration came from ideas they found on Pinterest, opting for a natural colour palette of light latte browns, champagne and soft peaches. “I was in love with my flowers and how everything came together.”

Sharna says the whole day was “perfect”, recalling some of her favourite moments from the big day.

“I loved the morning, getting ready with the girls, and afterwards, going off and getting photos with Ben. The happiness of that moment — nothing compares.

“It was the happiest day of our lives.”

The bridesmaid dresses

Sharna sourced the dresses for her four bridesmaids from Sunshine Coast-based business Billy J Boutique. Sharna chose the Halsey maxi dress in champagne — a halter neck style dress with a low back featuring a cowl-edge detail. “I wanted a dress that would suit all the girls and make sure they felt comfortable,” she says. “I saw the dress and fell in love, and ordered them the day they came out. I knew Billy J was affordable and good quality, and I love the colour.”