THE MOHI household is a lively one. There is noise. There is chaos. There is also endless love.

With two kids under the age of two, and a third baby on the way, Kassidy and Tane Mohi truly understand the definition of busy. And while their hands may be full, so too are their hearts.

In October, the Sunshine Coast couple made the decision to forgo their overseas wedding, downsize and exchange vows in an intimate and last-minute ceremony.

Their promise to each other?

“To love these crazy kids and to give them a nurturing life,” says Kassidy, laughing above the toddler chatter in
the background.

The pair met five years ago through a mutual love of fitness. Kassidy, who was working at a Bli Bli gym as a personal trainer, says Tane piqued her interest the first time he walked through the gym’s door. When his profile coincidentally popped up on her online dating app a few days later – and was a match – she was pleased to learn he was single.

Despite the mutual attraction, the relationship didn’t “work out” at that point in time.

“His phone was broken so he said he would see me at the gym, but I didn’t see him for ages,” Kassidy recalls.

“I thought he wasn’t keen, so I moved on and into a six-month relationship. When that didn’t work out, Tane and I became friendlier, and I asked him to come to a different gym with me to train. He came along one day and said he would do it every day. Ever since then, we’ve been gym buddies.”

Three weeks into the relationship, Tane asked Kassidy to accompany him and his grandmother on a holiday back to his home country of New Zealand. She said yes, and so began their love story.

In the four years since, the couple has bought two dogs, had two children and bought a house. Their third child is due in May. “We got engaged on September 9, 2022,” Kassidy says. “I forced him to buy me the ring,” she adds with a laugh.

“We were selling my car because we were buying a new one, and I said, ‘With the money we get, you can buy me an engagement ring and propose to me whenever you want’.”

Together, they hand-picked the pink sapphire and diamond stones and designed the ring alongside master jeweller Adrian Schulz of Buderim’s Diamonds of Distinction.

Four weeks later, on a beautiful spring morning, Tane proposed at the beach with the couple’s eldest child, Arli, by his side. Kassidy and Tane married on October 29 this year – one month after choosing the date.

“We never wanted a big wedding. We hate talking in front of people,” Kassidy says. “We planned to get married in New Zealand, but with the third on the way, we decided to do it here. The ceremony was held at The Lakehouse Folk in Montville, a beautiful country-style haven featuring expansive lawns, a homestead and surrounding rainforest.

There were six guests in attendance – the couple’s children and their parents.

Kassidy, who has always loved horses and pretty country themes, was inspired by beautiful pink flowers. In keeping with the theme, she wore a pair of white cowgirl boots.

“I like fun. We like horses and the country life. We just love the vibe. Plus, I don’t like wearing heels… I’m a mum. My friend lent me the boots, which was great.”

In fact, Kassidy called on numerous acquaintances to help stage the wedding – she borrowed her dress, her florist friend created the arrangements and another friend did her hair and makeup. The couple found a photographer on Facebook who took the photos for free to grow her professional portfolio.

The ceremony was short and sweet, filled with emotion.
“I was nervous having to speak,” Kassidy recalls. “I don’t like being the centre of attention. We wrote our own vows. Tane was super emotional and crying lots, which was special to me as he never cries.

“We were meant to tell our parents we were pregnant on our wedding day, but we failed miserably at that,” she adds. “They all left because the kids needed to go home. We told them the news a week later.”

The newlyweds celebrated their nuptials with a private dinner. They plan to celebrate with friends and family at a large party in 2024.

“We would love to do a honeymoon too, but someone is going to have three kids to look after,” Kassidy says with
a laugh.


Tane and Kassidy selected a 1.55 Madagascan sapphire and a collection of smaller diamonds to complement the larger stone. The stones were set in a beautiful 18-carat rose gold band.  The couple worked with Adrian Schulz of Diamonds of Distinction in Buderim to create Kassidy’s dream engagement ring.