Here are our picks of fashionable, must-have products and advice for that loved-up occasion.

An intimate affair
If there is a phrase that makes a wedding planner cringe, it has to be: ‘the year 2020’. It’s been an unpredictable year for everyone, but just as diamonds are made under pressure, we’ve seen some beautiful love stories emerge from the disarray. Downsized weddings, such as intimate hinterland getaways or carefree backyard fiestas, are anything but disappointing. The peacefulness, simplicity and warmth of a tight-knit wedding are things money simply cannot buy. Which is why smaller, more intimate weddings are here to stay – pandemic or not.

Lace up
It’s wedding lace, but not as you know it. While delicate lace will never go out of style, shoelaces are a new wedding trend hitting the aisle. That’s right, modern brides are embracing their inner Sporty Spice, blending elegant gowns with chic sneakers. Infusing comfort with style, wedding sneakers aren’t your average running shoe. Many shoe labels are catering for weddings with pearls, oversized bows and glittery embellishments. Your twinkle toes will be the envy of every squished foot in stilettos.

Back to school
Hair accessories are channelling Blair Waldorf, with headbands making a serious comeback. When it comes to wedding headbands, we’re not just talking the traditional kind made of petite rhinestones – don’t be afraid to go big and bold. Chunky headbands aren’t just for school kids – they work with an unmistakably cool hairstyle.

Indian inspiration
Committing to the love of your life is easy. But the commitment of a tattoo? Now that’ll give you cold feet. Save the vows for your future husband and give your skin some bohemian sparkle, without the commitment. Wedding henna has long been a tradition for Indian brides, and it’s making its way to Australia. Henna ceremonies are a common event at Indian weddings, as the special paste is believed to bring good luck and positive spirits. Oh, and it looks absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for something out of the Australian norm, embrace the beauty of henna. There are no worries if there’s no warranty.

Party large
Oversized decor is (literally) massive this wedding season. Go for extravagant centrepieces or oversized flower arrangements, and to really fire up the party, why not add smoke flares and fireworks? A smaller guest list doesn’t mean a lesser party.

Sketch the moment
From floral arrangements, to the cake and every piece of decor in between, your wedding day is a work of art. So why not treat it like art? Many artists are now taking their talents to the wedding scene, offering hand-painted pieces as a unique memento. In addition to wedding photos, capture your favourite wedding memories via the exclusive artistic beauty of paint on canvas.

Bachelorette heaven
Looking for a hen’s party that’s a little less party and a lot more pamper? The lead-up to the big day is just that, big. To ensure you’re walking down the aisle glowing, swap nightclubs and high heels for a sauna and bathrobes. That’s right, more health-conscious brides are opting for a wholesome girls’ day at the spa over a nasty hangover. Indulge the senses in a full-body massage, sugar scrub, steamy sauna session and a deluxe facial. The only question that remains: will it be champagne or tea, M’lady?