Here are our picks of fashionable locations, must-have products, and the latest trends in weddings.

While we’ve seen lots of lace, florals and bold hues in bridesmaids’ gowns over the past couple of years, it’s not a look that every bride loves. For sophisticated, evening weddings, some brides are opting for black for their bridesmaids, but if this is too dramatic, can we suggest GREY? If you want a subdued look that is classic, pretty and goes with any theme, grey is a great option. There are many shades of grey, from deep slate to smoky blue, cool silvers and warm pinky greys, so you’re sure to find something you and your besties love.

Want a table setting your guests will remember? You don’t have to look any further than your own backyard. NATIVE AUSTRALIAN GREENERY is a wonderful choice for table settings. The subdued hues of native Australian foliage pair beautifully with all sorts of colour themes. But we love them next to crisp, white linen, brass or gold accents and dainty flowers. Natives also smell lovely and they stay looking great until weeks after the last guest has gone home, so will never wilt on the table.

Ever seen a CHAMPAGNE TOWER at a wedding? Here at salt we thought this was just something that happened in the movies, but we’ve since discovered they are hugely popular for parties of all varieties. And there is no bigger party in your life than your wedding. Towers add a dramatic touch to your wedding speeches. Fill up the tower after your guests have entered the reception room then invite them to select a glass – carefully – before the toasts are made. Not a fan of bubbles? You can create a tower with martini glasses and fill with the cocktail of your choice. Cheers!

When considering your wedding day make-up, are you leaning towards shimmering eyes and nude lips? You’re not alone. When it comes to make-up most brides tend to play it safe with understated, flattering tones. But we’re seeing more drama in weddings with bold lips, colourful eye shadows and strong brows. Don’t be afraid to try a RED LIP – there are as many tones of red as there are brides so be sure to play around with colours well before your big day.

We want our guests to feel relaxed at our wedding, and a formal, three-course, sit-down dinner is not for everyone. That’s why brides and grooms are embracing new ways to feed and water their guests with things like food trucks, grazing boards, barbecues and dessert stations, which add to the relaxed, party vibe. At the moment we are loving the idea of a HOT CHOCOLATE BAR. After the meal a guest can satisfy their sweet tooth by heading over to the bar to create their bespoke hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows, chocolate flakes, sprinkles, wafers or even a shot of rum. It’ll give your guests the warm and fuzzies and a sugar injection to help them dance the night away.

For many couples, the WEDDING CAKE forms the centrepiece of their reception room, but you don’t have to go overboard with multiple tiers and busy decorations in bold colours to make your cake wedding-worthy. Minimalist cakes can be just as impactful – just look at this stunner, which is simple but far from boring. Sleek white icing with a splash of gold, silver, some well-placed greenery or a dainty bloom is pure perfection.

Whether it’s long tapers in candelabras, short and chunky pillars clustered on the ground or even hanging votives, CANDLES create a strikingly romantic mood at a wedding. As the sun goes down candles set the scene. You can create a focal point with a cluster of candles to add interest, say around the altar or surrounding the cake, or fill empty spaces around the venue with candles of varying heights and sizes. Line the aisle with candles to add drama to the bride’s entrance or use on table settings surrounded by lush foliage and flowers. Place in brass lanterns for drama, simple jars for rustic charm, or sleek glass cylinders for a more modern look.

Brrr, it’s getting chilly and adrenaline will keep a bride warm for only so long on her big day. Luckily there are plenty of sartorial ways to stay toasty that will enhance your wedding day look rather than detract from it. If you have your heart set on a strappy gown for your July wedding do not despair – there are loads of CAPES, SHAWLS AND WRAPS perfect for any look. If you’re really worried about the cold, consider a faux fur cape or shawl. Lightweight pashminas are perfect for outdoor weddings or when the sun goes down, while dainty silk, tulle or lace wraps provide a hint of extra warmth without overpowering your gown. Whatever the weather, you’re covered.