Here are our picks of fashionable locations, must-have products, and the latest trends in weddings.

Whenever we go to any restaurant, venue or event, we’re now used to wearing a mask, signing in and rubbing on the hand sanitiser. Wedding planners are getting more creative at incorporating these details into weddings and making guests feel special at the same time. We’re now seeing more couples offering personalised WELCOME BAGS OR BOXES to each guest as they arrive. These little kits come with a small bottle of hand sanitiser, a mask and the wedding program, but you can add your own touches such as take-home favours, a hand-written thank you note or a poem.

Thank your groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl and parents of the bride and groom with a HAMPER. Many hamper businesses will put together a wedding gift box, and there are specialist suppliers – such as The Bridal Box Co (pictured) – which create boxes and hampers that can be personalised with the recipient’s name and their favourite candles, wine or chocolate. You can, of course, create your own box, which you can present to your wedding party as you’re getting ready. It’s a great way to say thank you to someone who has helped you make it to the altar.

Most couples stick to the age-old tradition of cutting a multi-tiered cake towards the end of their wedding. But even that tradition is being turned on its head. More and more cake makers are being called on to make MINI AND SINGLE-SERVE WEDDING CAKES. And for good reason. A cluster of mini cakes can look just as impactful as a large cake. These cakes can be detailed or simple, but the advantage of them is that they can be personalised, so that each guest not only receives an individual work of art, but also gets one in a flavour they love. For couples who can’t settle on just one cake design, the good news is that with mini cakes you can mix and match for an eclectic look.

More and more couples are spending time on the tiny details, particularly if they are throwing a smaller wedding close to home. It’s not about the big statements anymore – with today’s weddings, details count. And we are seeing that on the tables. CENTREPIECES are becoming more detailed, and individual place settings are also more personalised. If you’ve got old plates, consider using those, or head to the op shop for a collection of old crockery that the guests can then take home. Go further by adding a sprig of foliage in your guests’ favourite colour, along with a personalised and hand-written thank-you note, a poem or quote on each setting. Gold cutlery, crystal glasses, lots of flowers and candles add to the ambiance.

Sure, you can put your bridesmaids in exactly the same dress, but more and more brides are embracing MISMATCHED DRESSES for their best friends. This kind of look suits casual Sunshine Coast weddings, and the great news is you can choose a colour and style that suits the bridesmaid, which will make her feel more comfortable on the day. To help create a cohesive look, consider choosing a similar weight and fabric (we think floating fabrics look great) in a softer hue. Choosing the same hemline length and having your bridesmaids wear the same accessories such as headpieces and jewellery will also help tie it all in without looking too samey.

Thanks to a rise in smaller, more intimate weddings, toasts and speeches are no longer restricted to the best man and father of the bride. There is no reason why you can’t ask any guest to stand up and say a quick word or share a funny story with a MINI TOAST. Wedding toasts are no longer the stuffy, long-winded speeches of days gone by and in a casual or more intimate wedding, it’s perfectly appropriate for other friends and family to stand up and raise a glass to the happy couple. Couples are also now proposing toasts not just to each other, but also to guests.

Wedding photographers report they have been busy this year photographing not just weddings but also ELOPEMENTS. Traditionally, an elopement was just the couple heading off in secret, but these days you can do it whichever way you choose – keep it super casual in your backyard with just you and your partner and a witness, or think about a weekend away with a dozen guests. The trend is about not making a big deal of it and only telling those who are invited. You can always have a big party with other friends and family to celebrate your commitment in the future.