Here are our picks of fashionable, must-have products and the latest trends for that loved-up occasion.

News flash: choosing that special friend to stand by you on your big day is totally up to you. Traditionally, the BRIDAL PARTY AND GROOMSMEN have been gender-based. The number in each party generally matches up too. However, more and more couples are opting to mix and match their wedding gang for an unconventional, yet beautiful spin on bridal parties. Want your brother to stand by your side? Perhaps your best friend is male? It is your choice, and your big day. Your bridal party is a reflection of who you are, so follow your heart and pop the question to your bro.

What should you put on your wedding gift registry if you have everything? Instead of asking your guests for tangible gifts (let’s be honest, most of us have everything we need) loved-up couples are turning to gifts that give back. CHARITY DONATIONS are trending in the world of wedding gifts, and it’s a trend we’d like to see stay. Choose a charity close to your heart, set up a registry for donations, and celebrate your day of love with a beautiful act of kindness.

Pinterest has been flooded with pink and rose gold engagement rings for a while, however, SHADES OF BLUE are making waves for 2021. Designers are shifting towards more vibrant, standout stones with mermaid vibes. Whether it be royal blue or softer aqua gemstones, expect to see more engagement fingers wrapped up in this trending colour.

Yeehaw! Local weddings have GONE WEST (not geographically, but in the wild world of wedding themes). Saddle up for an influx of western fashion and decor. Think rustic farm wedding with a wild twist. Unleash your inner cowgirl and swap high heels for white wedding boots. Why not make a stylish statement with a felt wedding hat? And expect to see a spike in cactus and succulent bouquets, centrepieces, and ceremony decorations.

FACE MASKS are the new norm, however, to see them walking down the aisle is a completely different story. For weddings post-COVID, health and safety is a serious trend. And the reality is, masks are quickly becoming essential. So, why not make a statement out of it and opt for a gorgeous mask to complement your gown? Think pearl embellishments, delicate touches of lace and silk fabrics. Consider it the new wedding headpiece!

Looking for a casual approach to catering? Buffets are out (due to COVID-19) but food trucks are parking in! Self-serve is a big no-go due to current regulations. But that does not mean you have to give up on casual dining. Modern couples who want no-fuss weddings can still serve up a fun and relaxed dining experience with FUNKY FOOD TRUCKS. There are food trucks to suit all tastes and budgets. Once you’ve decided on a truck or two, just leave the catering to them.

A combination in the rise of smaller, COVID-friendly weddings, relaxed dress codes and untraditional celebrations (as well as female empowerment) have led to a whole new take on the wedding gown. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a gown. WEDDING SUITS are walking down the aisle and they are delivering some serious jaw-dropping moments! That’s right, more and more fashion-forward brides are saying yes to the suit. They are sophisticated, unexpected, and downright stunning. What’s not to love?