From outback nurse to company director, Jasmine Leggatt certainly has a big lust for life and adventure.

The 37-year-old trailblazer opened her first cosmetic injectables clinic eight years ago at Mt Martha, Victoria, at a time when she says the industry was “still a bit secretive”.

Jasmine spent 40 to 60 hours a week working early and late under the cloak of secrecy because many of her clients only wanted to see her and not tell anyone they’d had any work done.

“The busier I got, the more I worked. Word-of-mouth got me the loyal client following I have today,” she says. After doing a lap of Australia with her husband Jon in 2020, the couple found their patch of paradise on the Sunshine Coast and opened the doors to their second clinic, Coastal Aesthetic Injectables, at Emporio Place, Maroochydore, in 2021.

On reflection, Jasmine certainly took the road less travelled to get there. She grew up on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, and followed her mum and sister into a nursing career.

“It was almost not a thought; it was a given,” she tells salt. After completing a Bachelor of Nursing, Jasmine accepted a graduate position doing various rotations around regional and remote Western Australia. It sparked a passion for emergency nursing.

Subsequently, Jasmine undertook a graduate program, which gave her the opportunity to experience working in hospitals miles from anywhere. She also worked with the Royal Flying Doctors on patient transfers.

“It was always really exhilarating and exciting. You never knew what was going to happen, so that met my desire for adventure,” she says.

Quite often, Jasmine was the only nurse (and trained medic) at the scene, which led to some nail-biting moments.

“I recall being on call on the remote coast in WA. There was a group of five young men on a buck’s day and they thought it would be funny to inject each other with one of their diabetic friend’s insulin.

“Several of them went into cardiac arrest. It was just me with a phone and no access to doctors or anyone. I had to do CPR on two people at the one time. They ended up all surviving but they had to be medevaced to Perth.

“That was certainly a story for them. It could’ve turned out so differently.”

Jasmine says nursing has taught her so much about life and helped shape the person she is today.

“It’s a rewarding experience being there to help people when they are in trouble. It does shape you so much as a person because you’re exposed to all these really raw situations that you never otherwise would be.

“It definitely teaches you a lot, to appreciate every day.”

Jasmine spent years completing many contracts around Australia, including in the areas of Broome, Exmouth, outback Queensland, the Whitsundays, Darwin, Alice Springs and the Torres Strait Islands, before meeting her husband Jon in 2014.

It was a turning point for Jasmine, who wanted to be closer to home after meeting Jon. Jasmine did a post-graduate certificate in cosmetic nursing, initially thinking it would be a side hustle between nursing contracts, but little did she know how much she would love it.

“I believe the qualities that made me a good nurse paved the way for me to excel in cosmetic nursing and running my own business,” Jasmine says.

“I really am so proud of the beautiful space we have created and the magic that happens in our clinic. It really is a privilege to be able to assist someone to enhance their confidence and witness incredible transformation both physically and emotionally.”

The Maroochydore clinic has a wide catchment area with clients coming from Brisbane, Caloundra, Maleny, Cooroy and Rainbow Beach. The clinic also gets referrals from clients on the Mornington Peninsula who have friends on the Sunshine Coast.

Eight years ago Jasmine did not believe it would be the kind of business where she would hire staff or expand too much. But now she has a database of more than 10,000 clients and plans to continue to expand in line with the latest cosmetic treatments, techniques and technologies.

“For a long time it’s had such a taboo reputation, but I do feel like it’s an industry that should be celebrated.”

Jasmine says the success of her business rides on the fact her clinics offer bespoke cosmetic injectables without the hefty price tag and her hands-on approach to customer service. “Our team now comprises a tight-knit group of 10 highly skilled registered nurses/advanced cosmetic nurse specialists across the two clinics, who are all kind, courteous, understanding, non-judgemental, knowledgeable and genuinely care about their client’s needs,” says Jasmine.

“We offer free consultations, complimentary follow-up appointments and I personally deal with all client calls, messages and enquiries to ensure the best possible results and experience.”

Jasmine’s lust for travel and adventure also led her to create fly-in/fly-out clinics in Darwin, Exmouth and Airlie Beach. She achieved this by collaborating with beauty salons and hairdressing salons in these locations, which she visits on rotation every three months when her clients are generally due for a botox boost.

The ‘FIFO queen’ of the cosmetic injectables industry describes these trips as a work holiday.

“I can fly to Exmouth and everyone is so grateful for my visit, but I get to go stand-up paddle boarding alongside whale sharks or snorkelling with turtles – it’s such a rewarding experience, I’m so passionate about it.”

As a business owner Jasmine says she never really switches off, but she appreciates having work-life balance.

“I love business. It’s a huge passion in my life because it allows me to do all things I love and creates all these rewarding experiences for me.

“I’ll get to share it all with my daughter (four) when she’s a little older. I’ll take her on those trips and she’ll get to enjoy them as well.”