Ten out of ten

When you see a piece of rubbish fluttering in the breeze, do you stop what you are doing and pick it up? What about those little pieces of plastic hidden in sand castles made by happy kids, dirty cigarette butts that dot our coastal pathways, or the hundreds of takeaway coffee cups spilling from bins …


Dream come true

Cherilyn Hewish remembers pricking her finger on a needle when she was about seven years old, making dolls’ clothes on her toy sewing machine. Luckily, that slight mishap didn’t put her off – in fact, it was barely a tiny hitch at the beginning of what would become a stellar career in design, which includes …


Not just a pretty plate

You wouldn’t know that Nilla Tomkins has called Australia home for more than 20 years. She talks with a thick Danish accent and her calm, laid-back mannerisms as well as her love for the sweet and simple certainly pay homage to her Scandinavian background. But the Dane fell in love with life Down Under during …


Flying colours

Claude Monet once said, “I would like to paint the way a bird sings.” And it’s this quote, from one of the great masters of impressionism, that artist Amanda Brooks loves. Birdsong is one of her greatest inspirations – nestled in her Sunshine Coast hinterland studio, surrounded by swaying silver gums, native blossoms and nature’s …


Full bloom

Mushrooms can be as delicate and beautiful as flowers. Take the pink oyster mushroom, for example – its fragile caps curl over like petals, and it grows in clumps reminiscent of a coral garden. Or the lion’s mane mushroom, with its shaggy white texture resembling the fur around a lion’s face. Plain old button mushrooms …


Shed of splendour

Every day, Geoff and Dianna Ryan work in a delightful treasure trove.MORE

The right moves

Singer Tobias Merz and dancer Fiona Jopp have left the bright lights and big city behind for a quieter life in Maleny.MORE

Guiding light

Marina Passalaris is changing young lives.MORE

Man with a plan

Photographer Paul Smith is always looking for that perfect shot.MORE

Remembering Oscar

Maleny writer Mary Garden remembers her pioneering father.MORE