Inspired by Pop

A 15-year career as an emergency nurse left Jules Laidlaw feeling broken. After years of trauma spent with patients in prisons, working on theatre teams and in the emergency departments of Australian hospitals, Jules decided it was time to heal herself and put the pieces back together. As a young girl, Jules and her siblings …


Sweet talk

“They say if you want to know what’s going on in a hive, just watch it,” says Katie Livock, casting an eye towards a slot at the bottom of a hive where bees are beginning to cluster and hover. They are young bees, she says, venturing outside of the hive for the first time, testing …


Win a signed copy of Craig Silvey’s Honeybee

Thanks to the beautiful Annie Grossman from Annie’s books on Peregian, we are giving away a signed copy of Honeybee by Craig Silvey.MORE

I do

Here are our picks of fashionable, must-have products and advice for that loved-up occasion. An intimate affair If there is a phrase that makes a wedding planner cringe, it has to be: ‘the year 2020’. It’s been an unpredictable year for everyone, but just as diamonds are made under pressure, we’ve seen some beautiful love …