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Review- Baby Driver

pepper - july 17

EDGAR WRIGHT’S NEXT-LEVEL heist thriller is fast-paced and surprisingly funny.
Baby Driver avoids being a costly rehash of anything in the last decade with its punchy dialogue, precision driving, multiple shoot-outs and a killer eclectic soundtrack that includes Queen, T-Rex, Barry White and The Damned.
Opening with a funky street sequence to establish the title character’s disconnection from the world around him (if it doesn’t fit his individual ideal soundtrack) and an intelligent and exhilarating car chase, it’s Tarantino’s True Romance meets Bruce Beresford’s Bonnie and Clyde but with a happier ending.
Ansel Elgort is an unforgettable presence as Baby, the driver for a gang of older, high-end bank robbers.
The heist crew (Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm and Eiza Gonzalez), answers to bad guy, Doc (Kevin Spacey, the only actor in the world able to pull off the film’s one lame line, which effectively brings about a quick conclusion, “I was in love once”).
In between driving the getaway car and caring for his deaf foster father, Joseph (CJ Jones), Baby falls for a wide-eyed singing waitress, Deborah (Lily James). She reminds him of his mum and she doesn’t shy away from his tape recorder, which he uses to capture voices to turn into music. They share earbuds, analyse song lyrics and fantasise about a road trip “without a plan”. 
In stark contrast to the darker action scenes, largely taking place in multi-level carparks, the few fantasy scenes are edited in the aesthetically agreeable style of Pleasantville.
The bright colours of the clothes in rows of dryers in the laundromat offer another moment of lightness - the promise of what lies beyond the rainbow. (Blink during the final scene and you’ll miss the rainbow). 
It could be an extended music video clip and commentary on a narcissistic, technology driven generation, but Wright’s witty dialogue, car choreography and masterful direction make Baby Driver a thrill seeker must-see. 
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